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Now that spring is almost here, we’ve started thinking about new and different ways to improve and redo our garden and yard spaces as the weather gets a little warmer and drier. This year, however, we’re working on a new space because we’re moving, so we had to adapt our gardening ideas to more of the smaller space than we used to! That’s why we’ve been looking for tips, tricks, and creative projects that will help us build the best small garden space possible in the limited space we have to work with.

1. Guide to creating a landscape for a small lawn

Landscape guide for a small lawn

Maybe you really do have a bit of lawn space to work with in your small yard but you’re used to doing all kinds of creative landscaping and now you’re not sure you’ll have the space? Then we have a feeling that you might find tips that you would find on Quiet Corner as a source of food! They offer suggestions for small yards that help maximize lawn and plant space, such as making room for plants mainly along the edges.

2. Garden design tips for small spaces

Garden design tips for small spaces

Perhaps you live in the type of home or apartment that has a really limited amount of yard and garden space, so things like landscaping aren’t even an option, but you still intend to make the space look great. Fun to spend as much time as possible? In that case, we would definitely suggest taking a look at how they Design offers some ideas, tips and tricks for decorating your green space to really give it some personality.

3. Pocket herb garden for balcony


Pocket herb garden for balcony

Maybe you’re living in a small apartment upstairs and all you really have to do is work with the balcony, so you’re looking for a way to set up a little low-maintenance greenery in the first place? Then we thought maybe this adorable vertical herb garden idea from Guiductables might be the best one for you! We love how they use shoe racks to make their garden, growing a different herb in each bag.

4. Mount the succulents upright

Mount the succulents upright

Are you actually quite intrigued with the idea of ​​a vertical garden of some kind, but are you looking for something a little more decorative than intended, like the way of herb gardens? In that case, we thought maybe you could get along a little more with things like these gorgeous wall-mounted succulent gardens.

5. A place to rest in a small but dreamy garden

A place to rest in a small but dreamy garden

Are you really still thinking how much you like the idea of ​​using decorative techniques in your tiny green space to make it more of a resting place, but you don’t see anything in terms of aesthetics? dreamy, surreal are you looking for the sources we showed you earlier? In that case, we recommend seeing how Domino sketched out how they used fairy lights in their very small yard to give it a simple yet stunning effect, almost like fantasy.

6. Miniature greenhouse from shelves

Miniature greenhouse from shelves

Maybe some of your favorite plants are the ones that would really thrive if you had access to a greenhouse but the fact of the matter is that you just don’t have the space to build one of them right away. now? Then maybe you’ll get along a little better with a miniature version of this very resourceful greenhouse, perfect for small potted plants! See how IKEA recommends you follow in their footsteps and make your own IKEA shelf with glass doors.

7. Hang mirrors to create the illusion of more garden space

Hang mirrors to create the illusion of more garden space

Your biggest concern with your current little piece of patio is really that it feels so small, and you can’t help but wonder if there’s any way you can make it feel a little bigger. ? In that case, we think you’ll find this trick from the Daily Mail really cool! They recommend hanging mirrors around the edge of your yard to give the illusion that it’s a little bigger.

8. Build a Spiral Herb Garden

Build a spiral herb garden

Do you really have a place in your little yard to work with you don’t have dedicated to building something a little bigger and more decorative, so you’re thinking of growing an herb garden? , but you still want to make it both decorative and Space efficient? Then we definitely think you should take a look at how Balcony Garden Web uses rock to build itself an herb garden that spirals upwards, making room for more herbs in the floors (and looks great too)!

9. trellis style privacy screen and planter box


DIY trellis privacy screen and planter box

In any small space, whether outside or inside, creating a bit of division to differentiate between the two can make it feel a little bigger! That’s why we love this idea from The Whoot to create a planter box and planter that not only breaks up the garden space a bit, but also gives you an extra place to plant. cuter things.

10. Fruit basket hanging garden

0054657 jpg

Just in case you are still looking for interesting and unique hanging garden ideas because, as we mentioned before, all you have to do is the small vertical space of the hanging balcony, Here’s another great idea that saves even more space than a shoe rack! We love how The Telegraph recommends using multi-tiered fruit baskets to grow multi-tiered herb plots.

11. Build a wall garden with cinder blocks

Build a wall garden with cinder blocks

Do you have a single wall with a void near it that you could build a garden nearby, but are the aesthetics and materials of your yard really quite specific and industrially inspired? Then maybe you should embrace that and create a garden that incorporates concrete into its own look and space efficiency! That’s exactly what Apartment Therapy did when they added greenery to their yard by creating a low box wall with potted plants placed in the openings of the rotating blocks.

12. Garden hanging PVC gutters

Garden hanging pvc gutter

In case you’re still very interested in creating some kind of amazing vertical garden but you still haven’t seen a design you’ve completely decided on, here’s another concept for you to consider. Thin gardens in a series of suspended floors by creating a set of PVC pipe gutters!

Have you created other amazing yards and small gardens in the past that really helped you plant more trees or make the most of your space, but don’t you see the DIY technique you used in the list? our books? Let us know all you did and how you did it, or link us with photos of your finished garden in the comments!

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