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Grow your own garden decorations that are living, functional and beautiful. Unique garden decor ideas on how to create magical living structures and accents such as grass sofa, tree chair, grape tunnel, bean teepee, willow dome, living fence, and more!

There are many kinds of garden decorations and accents. These you will see today are extra magical!

DIY living functional garden decorations & low cost outdoor structures: magical grass sofa, fun bean teepee, beautiful grape & rose arches, willow dome & fence, etc!

Yes, with a little imagination in landscape design, you can create living garden structures and outdoor decorations which are functional artistic creations made of real plants, so they breath and grow!

Intrigued? Let’s take a look at some of beautiful examples of living garden decorations that are totally irresistible, with great tutorials to get you started!

Living Willow Domes


Living Willow Domes

Tree teepees and domes with vines are beautiful garden accents that also provide shade.

Imagine a little house made of living willow trees, that whispers in the wind, what more could one ask for?

children playing under living willow pergola

Bean Teepees as Garden Decorations

kids love to play under Bean Teepees in the garden

A tree dome may take a while. A bean teepee is much faster to DIY, and it will become a lush shade structure in just a couple of months!

Espalier Fruit Trees as Garden Decorations

Espalier Fruit Tree as Garden Decorations

Train a fruit tree against a wall and it will become such a beautiful focal point in your garden, not to mention all the flowers and fruits you will enjoy!

Magical Flower & Gourd Tunnels

garden Flower tunnel & Gourd Tunnel

Imagine walking under a garden canopy of fragrant lemon arbor, colorful gourd tunnel, flowering tree allee… life is just beautiful!

Grow a Lemon Pergola

Lemon Pergola in Lotusland Santa Barbara

Many fruit trees and vines such as kiwi, grapes, passion fruits, can grow on a pergola. This lemon pergola in Lotusland Santa Barbara is a beautiful example.

Grass Sofa Garden Decorations


DIY Grass Sofa Garden Decorations

How about some garden furniture you can grow? Take the lawn to a new level with a fluffy DIY grass sofa!

Living garden furniture

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