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Not everyone says you know these useful vegetable gardening tips !

Mix a little soil with distilled water, if the mixture foams when adding vinegar, the garden soil is alkaline, if the mixture reacts with baking soda, the soil is acidic, if there is no reaction, the soil is neutral.

Or you can use the Takemura DM-13 soil pH meter.

Put the germinating seeds in a tea box or double sawed milk bottle to prevent the seeds from dying from night dew. Do this until the seed germinates into a seedling.

Mulching the soil with some straw will help protect the roots and keep the plants hydrated, so you don’t need to water them for too long.

Growing plants in raised gardens has the advantage of being easier to harvest and the soil to warm more quickly in the spring.

If making a hanging pot, you mix soil with a few wooden cork to reduce the weight of the pot when planting.

Old shoe racks can be used to make a very interesting vertical garden. You should plant herbs on the shoe shelf.

Coffee grounds, eggshells and banana peels can be mixed into the soil to increase fertility.


Do not mow the lawn too often as it will make the grass overgrown. It’s best to weed the garden once in a while.

An effective way to water is to plug a plastic bottle filled with water into the garden so that the soil covers the neck of the bottle. This method applies to small gardens.


Take a plastic bottle and puncture many small holes in the bottle cap and you have a pretty good watering can.

Get a plastic bottle tied with a watering hose and then puncture many small holes in the bottom of the bottle to have a garden sprayer.

For plants that don’t need much watering, plant them in the corner of the garden or the farthest part of the garden from watering

For germinating seeds, you can temporarily turn the eggshells over to protect them from snails at night.

The day after it rains, pull out the weeds right away because the soil is still wet so weeding will be easier.

Attract butterflies to your garden by leaving some ripe fruit in a spot out of direct sunlight in your garden

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