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Does growing strawberries in a greenhouse really work? Yes, this has been verified by many different greenhouse strawberry growing models not only in the country but also in many countries around the world. You can fully enjoy fresh strawberries in the greenhouse with high freshness and safety. Read our articles below for more information on this model as well as some tips that can help you when growing strawberries in a greenhouse.

Why grow strawberries in a greenhouse?
Strawberry is a fruit tree that is grown very popular all over the world and is famous for its characteristic aroma, succulent and attractive red color. This fruit is consumed in large quantities as fresh fruit or in processed foods such as juices, milkshakes, ice cream, cakes or chocolates. Due to its high economic value, many farming households have invested in a greenhouse model to grow strawberries with many possible benefits.

Good control of appropriate temperature and humidity.
Avoid being attacked by pathogens and insects.
Prevent animals and rodents from destroying.
Protect strawberry plants from bad weather conditions.
Can change the temperature conditions to grow off-season crops.

Why should you grow strawberries in a greenhouse?

The current greenhouse materials are quite diverse with many different types, but the most commonly used type is the greenhouse pe film . This type of material has many suitable advantages such as low cost, easy construction and transportation, suitable for many climatic conditions and can be installed in many different locations. In addition, some models also use polycarbonate roofing sheets to roof the greenhouse, providing high protection and long-term use.

Necessary factors when growing strawberries in a greenhouse
Planting land
Strawberries thrive on nutrient-rich, acidic, and well-draining soil. Therefore, when planting in beds, it is recommended to make high beds and have drainage ditches, and when planting in pots or troughs, there must be many drainage holes. Use more compost or soils rich in organic matter to add nutrients to the plants, especially during seedling and fruit production.

You can add layers of straw or black agricultural film on top of the strawberry soil to keep the soil from drying out and the roots to be cool and not too wet.

Temperature and light
Strawberries are thermophilic and require a lot of sunlight, so always make sure the greenhouse cover is clean to provide adequate light for the plants. The ideal amount of light that strawberry plants receive per day is about 6 hours.

The greenhouse temperature should be maintained at about 16°C which is most suitable for strawberry plants. Frost will adversely affect strawberry plants but in a greenhouse environment this effect will be eliminated. When it’s time to harvest strawberries, it is recommended to reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse to keep cool in the greenhouse space. This will be necessary for the flowering of the plant next season.

The essentials when growing strawberries in a greenhouse

The essentials when growing strawberries in a greenhouse

Watering and fertilizing
Because greenhouses often have high temperatures and mulberry plants have shallow roots, they dry out quickly. Therefore, regular watering is very important, especially during the summer. However, avoid over-watering the tops of plants or fruit as the water can stagnate and cause rotting of those parts.

It is best to water the plant from the stem down, and if you want to water from above, it should only be done in the morning to minimize the time it takes to absorb water into the tree and fruit. Fertilizing should be done when the flowers bloom with a liquid fertilizer about every 2 weeks or maybe a little longer.

Growing in a greenhouse helps prevent strawberry plants from being attacked by pests such as snails, mice, bugs, insects and birds. Strawberry plants will also be more resistant to disease in the greenhouse and prevent the problem from spreading.

However, it is still necessary to take preventive measures such as keeping the greenhouse clean and monitoring the plants daily so that signs of pathogens can be detected in time. Strawberries are susceptible to fungal diseases if the selection is not good, so it is necessary to choose reputable varieties and when planting, there should be a reasonable distance between plants to prevent the possibility of spreading pathogens.

Some notes when growing strawberries in a greenhouse
– To ensure that mulberry trees can grow and develop well in the greenhouse, we should choose high-quality seedlings at reputable nurseries.

– Should plant mulberry trees on high ground, pots or beds so that mulberry trees can drain well

– Make sure to dig the planting hole deep enough to accommodate the entire root system without bending them, and make sure the stem is above the soil surface.

– Tilting the soil into high beds will help bring the best conditions for mulberry trees to grow. Then cover the beds to regulate water loss and minimize weed invasion

– Do not plant strawberry plants too deep as this can cause the roots to rot

– The distance between the strawberry plants must be large enough, neither too wide nor too narrow. Normally, if planting strawberries on the ground, the distance between plants is 45cm and between rows is 75cm .

– If growing in a bed, place the roots in the trench and make sure the rhizome is level with the soil. This is similar to growing in a pot but the minimum line of the pot should be 15cm and have plenty of holes for drainage.

– Water-soluble organic fertilizers with high potassium content can be applied to promote fruit set

– If growing from seeds, it will take a bit of patience as it can take about a month for strawberry seeds to germinate and to harvest will take longer.

Some notes when growing strawberries in a greenhouse

Some notes when growing strawberries in a greenhouse

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse is really effective if you can master the techniques of growing and caring for the plants and thereby help the strawberry plants to yield high-quality and high-yielding products. Strawberry is only suitable for growing in cold areas, while the demand for this fruit is very high, so if you succeed in farming, you can earn great economic value. Hopefully, the information we share will help you have a more multi-dimensional view of strawberry plants as well as the method of growing strawberries in this greenhouse.

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