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The trend of growing clean vegetables at home, growing vegetables on the terrace is of great interest to many young people. However, not everyone is successful in planting and many of you have spent a lot of money on investment but did not get any results.

Mr. Giau believes that growing vegetables on the terrace must be hard to learn and especially to be really patient and passionate about /// FEMALE
Mr. Giau believes that growing vegetables on the terrace must be hard to learn and especially to be really patient and passionate about

Planting and then knowing is not easy

Whenever mentioning her “treasure” of growing vegetables on her terrace, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhung (currently living at 47 Lac Long Quan, Ward Phuoc Tan, Nha Trang City) sighs and laments.

Nhung said that during her time working in Ho Chi Minh City, she used to practice growing vegetables on the terrace , but every time she planted, she earned nothing. Not only do not have vegetables to eat, but also spend a lot of money to buy equipment to grow plants.

How to grow a green terrace vegetable garden? - 1 . photo
In order to have a green terrace vegetable garden, many people have to spend a lot of time and effort to learn how to grow, not just want to plant to have vegetables to eat.

“That day was also very passionate, seeing people online showing off green terrace vegetables, whatever they like. So also about learning to plant, thinking it’s not difficult, no one thinks it’s hard to believe. At that time, I didn’t understand why I also invested in buying nutritious soil of all kinds, but when I planted the tree, it didn’t come up, sometimes I got to the first litter, and when I re-seeded the second time, the tree didn’t come up,” Nhung recalled.

Nhung said she also invested in buying pots that are easy to drain, planting trays to save space and vermicompost to improve the soil of all kinds but in the end planted a few crops but did not get anything, so frustrating. So she “goodbye to the past” growing vegetables on the terrace.

“I don’t know what to do with all those planting accessories now, but suddenly I feel so frustrated. At that time, my roommate often told me that I was too free, I went to buy and eat, and there was nothing to grow but it took a lot of work and money. In general, after experiencing it, I know that growing vegetables on the terrace is not easy and not everyone can do it”, Nhung said.

Like Nhung, Tran Phuong Trang (living in alley 96 Nguyen Thong, Ward 9, District 3, HCMC) is no longer interested in growing vegetables on the terrace after a period of investing too much effort and money but nothing in return.

“At first, I planted it because of passion, but I failed so many times that my passion also disappeared. In general, planting fruit is too much, watering every morning, coming home from work at night, and then working to improve this and that land. But every time I go to work, I am worried that no one will water the plants at home. But I can’t get anything, people say I don’t have a hand to plant a tree, but I think planting a tree must be very patient and have time with it, but neglect and invest nowhere is also like nothing.” Page tells.

The secret to having a green rooftop vegetable garden

As a guy who once “caused a fever” when he “turned” his terrace into a fruit-laden garden , Mr. Nguyen Van Giau (living at Pham Van Bach Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) also affirmed that planting trees The terrace is not simple and not everyone can grow it.

Growing vegetables is difficult, growing a fruit garden on the terrace is grape, guava, apple, cantaloupe, melon… all of them are full of fruit like Mr. Rich is not easy.

How to grow a green terrace vegetable garden? - 3 . photo
Watermelon laden with fruit on Mr. Giau’s terrace

Sharing about his secret, Mr. Giau advises those who are just learning to grow, first you need to determine what types of plants you should or should not plant, at first, you should grow vegetables and short plants. days such as lettuce, kohlrabi, water spinach… to accumulate experience in caring and fertilizing. After success, then switch to slightly more difficult plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, gourds, squash… and finally to difficult plants or perennial fruit trees such as melons, grapes, guava, apples. …

Second, Mr. Giau advises to learn about the type of tree he wants to plant through Google or online tree planting groups, each type of plant has a different way of growing and developing, must learn how to care, press the top. , pruning, creating canopy… The third is to learn about organic and inorganic fertilizers as well as how the plant absorbs nutrients, depending on the stage of development, the tree needs less or more, needs the necessary nutrients. any element at that time.

How to grow a green terrace vegetable garden? - 4 . photo
Rich’s apples grown on the terrace are also full of fruit

“It is equally important to learn about common pests or diseases of plants. Each type of tree has different types of diseases and manifestations, this takes several years of experience to control all. And another problem is that you have to have patience and enough passion. Growing a tree to harvest does not take only a few days, sometimes 1 or 2 years, so you have to be really patient and passionate,” Mr. Giau said.

How to grow vegetables on the terrace without soil

As for Ms. Bui Thi Thuong (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City), who owns a terrace of vegetables, tubers and fruits of all kinds that makes many people admire, Ms. Thuong’s secret is to mix the substrate to replace the soil. plant a tree.

Sharing in detail about how to mix her growing medium, Ms. Thuong said that the vegetable growing medium includes the main ingredients: cow manure, smoked rice husks, coir, oil cake (with or without), peanut shells…

How to grow a green terrace vegetable garden? - 5 . photo
Thanks to the way of mixing medium instead of soil, Thuong’s tree planted on the terrace is still full of fruit as if it was grown in the fields.

How to compost cows Thuong said that about 10kg of dry cow dung is sprayed with moist water for a day to soften and then pounded fine. If cow dung is not broken, then incubate for 15 days to soften and squeeze out, then incubate. Take about 4 tablespoons of Trichoderma mushroom mixed with 5 liters of water to evenly water the cow manure and mix well (check if the cow manure is sufficiently moist).

Pour cow manure into compost in a styrofoam or plastic container with a lid just enough to let in the air for microorganisms to grow (do not let rainwater fall in, it will cause odors and maggots). From the 3rd day, the barrel heats up gradually. On the 15th day, white fungus, which is a growing microorganism, appears and the temperature is about 50-60 degrees Celsius. When incubating like this, the larvae plus larval eggs and grass seeds in the manure will be destroyed.

“If you do not see the above 2 cases, it is not successful. Cow manure needs to be mixed well in the bin and covered with a lid to compost until the 30th day, if the tank is not hot, it can be used (incubation time from 1-6 months)”, Ms. Thuong shared.

How to grow a green terrace vegetable garden? - photo 6
Ms. Thuong believes that growing vegetables on the terrace requires perseverance and hard work to learn.

As for how to handle rice husks, Thuong advises that if you have time and conditions, you should buy fresh rice husks and hun them. Do not use fresh rice husks because there are pathogens, fungi, or leftover rice seeds that will grow on seedlings. If not, then pour the rice husks into a bucket to soak in water for 10 days. Then, incubate rice husks with trichoderma to kill all pathogens.

The way to treat coir is to rinse the coir with water, then soak it in water with about 0.5 kg of agricultural lime, soak it for about a day and then rinse it with water. The next step is to squeeze dry coconut fiber to use. If not treated, coir remains acrid will distort the roots, the tree does not grow but dies slowly.

The ratio of mixed media Ms. Thuong “revealed” is 50% cow manure (providing nutrition), 30% smoked rice husk (to make the medium spongy), 20% coconut fiber (to retain moisture), if additional shell is added. Peanuts are better.

“Composted cow manure, rice husk and coir mixed into “soil” for growing vegetables will be highly nutritious, cheaper than purchased land, reducing the weight when growing vegetables on the terrace. The amount of medium for growing leafy vegetables is only 5-7 cm, fruit trees are from 7-10 cm. In the process of planting, water with fish manure or oil cake, or compost water for the plants to have enough nutrients to grow, “said Thuong.

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