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It is impossible not to mention the popularity of growing strawberries at home today, with the delicious red fruit, the tree can be used as an ornamental plant, causing many people to be interested in strawberry plants. To grow strawberries at home in the summer is not difficult, below share how to grow strawberries and care for plants at home.

1. Choose pots and plant varieties

Choose pots

Suitable type: Long pot, long trough to be able to grow small and long beds; hanging pots. Strawberries will be dropped to the sides of the pot, not in contact with the ground, the quality and color of the fruit will be better.

Strawberries should be planted in troughs and pots because they are easy to grow, care for and fertilize. Convenient for strawberry to grow and branch (strawberry is a branched plant by sprouting ground orchids and rooting). It is possible to take advantage of small areas when hanging up in a vertical area, the same area can be arranged from 4-5 pots.


People can grow trees by self-seeding or buying ready-made seedlings to plant. Choose quality strawberry seeds with a high germination rate (it is best to choose seeds that are still expired, the packaging is still intact, not torn, moist…)

Strawberry seed price from 25,000 VND / bag about 30 seeds. Seedlings are about 80,000 VND / Japanese or New Zealand seedling. You can buy seeds and seedlings at online stores or research institutions. If you choose a strawberry variety, choose a tree from 10 to 15 cm strong, no pests and diseases, and the tree grows evenly.

Part time

You can plant strawberries all year round, but the best time is still September-October. However, you can also plant trees in the summer with more special care. After only about 2 months, you can also harvest the first ripe strawberries.

Strawberry plantation

People should use loose, fertile soil, and occasionally till the plants. You can use tribatch soil or use regular soil mixed with fertilizer and coir, to keep the soil loose for a long time, always moist, retain moisture well, have lots of nutrients, can apply additional fertilizers.

Due to the moisture-loving nature of the mulberry tree and the fruit often grows low on the ground, if planted in a round pot, it is possible to cover a layer of straw on the surface around the base and below the fruit. This will keep the moisture well and support the fruit.

2. The technique of growing strawberries in pots


Sow the purchased seeds into clean, moist soil. Pots or seed trays should be kept cool, dry, and sunny. Water once a day in the evening.


Strawberries are moisture-loving plants, so in the summer, you only need one day of sunshine. For the best plant growth, it is best to plant in a place where there is only direct sunlight for half a day, or light, cool sunlight.

Water the plant twice in the morning and afternoon when the sun is out. Irrigate the soil evenly, use clean water to avoid water sources that can easily cause pests and diseases, avoid watering too much water to kill plants.

When transferring from a nursery tray to a pot/bed to plant plants, there will be wilting phenomenon due to broken roots if the transfer is not smart. In the first 2 to 3 days, the plants should be shaded from the sun, watered evenly, and the plants will grow back to normal.

Regularly till the soil to make the soil loose and airy. In order for mulberry trees to grow strongly and stably in the early stages, the first bunch of fortune telling flowers should be removed to enhance growth and inhibit sexual development.


During the harvesting period, in order for the fruit to grow evenly, a balance should be made between the development of the canopy and the number of fruits on the tree. If the buds, flowers, and fruits are abundant, it is necessary to trim away the buds, flowers, deformed fruits and pests. . Regularly prune old, diseased leaves.

During the tree’s growth, it is necessary to regularly fertilize the tree with some organic fertilizer or phosphate, potassium … Attention should be paid to killing ants because they attack the tree very quickly, eating all the fruit even when the fruit is still intact. green. If planted in a long pot, the fruit should be directed towards the wall of the pot, the fruit will grow evenly and be easy to track to avoid insects.

How to split branches to plant new pots

In the process of growing, strawberries not only flower and fruit, it also branches when the plant has enough nutrients. In particular, when the branch grows well and grows long, it will root itself and create a new tree. In this case you need to split the plant to create a new pot.


When the fruit turns dark red, it is time to harvest. Strawberry is a fruit rich in nutritional value, so you can process it into many different dishes such as smoothies, eat it directly or juice it.

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