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How to grow tomatoes is also extremely simple, not as sophisticated as many other plants. Therefore, tomatoes are being widely grown in gardens, in Styrofoam containers, and even in ornamental pots for decoration.

In the composition of tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, K, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, copper, combined with other necessary micronutrients to maintain the user’s good health. You can enjoy raw tomatoes by making salads, sandwiching them with bread, smoothies, even cooking soups, soups, cooking dishes… Here, we will introduce you to how to grow tomatoes. Simple sourdough at home but extremely fruity and delicious.


Materials and tools

  • Tomato seeds
  • Loose soil
  • Planting area or planting material: Styrofoam containers, pots…
  • Fertilizer

Tomato is a very nutritious fruit

Time to plant tomatoes

Tomatoes have the ability to grow and develop very well, so tomatoes can be grown almost all year round. However, if you want the plant to flower, bear fruit and bring high yield, you should choose the right tomato planting season.

  • Season 1 (earliest crop of the year): Start planting from about July-August and harvest will be around the end of October-December.
  • Season 2 (main crop of the year): Starting to plant around September-October and harvesting will be around February-March next year.
  • Season 3 (the latest crop of the year): Start planting from about November to December and harvest will be around March 3-4 next year.

Growing tomatoes on the terrace right at home without a garden

Selection of tomato seeds 

You should choose the seeds you want to plant because there are many varieties of tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes, Da Lat tomatoes, pear-shaped tomatoes, round and sweet cherry tomatoes, bowl tomatoes (type) large) has a sour taste often sold in the market… The color of tomatoes is also very diverse, from red to yellow, from small to large like an orange or a grapefruit (Amana Orange, Beefsteak, Rosso Sicilian tomato lines) Organic…)

It is better to choose to grow tomato varieties that are popular and popular in Vietnam such as organic tomatoes. Organic tomato seedlings are usually 1 month old and are sold at seedling stores. If you plant from seeds, you should sow 1 month before planting time.

Choosing a location to plant tomatoes 

Tomatoes are inherently a light-loving plant, so you need to find a suitable planting location, with lots of sunshine, ventilation, full sunlight in the morning and afternoon. This position needs to be in the lighted area for 6-8 hours a day.

You should not plant tomatoes in areas with lack of sunlight and humidity because in these locations will make plants susceptible to diseases, small fruits, and few fruits. Meanwhile, if provided with adequate light conditions, tomatoes will give delicious and ripe fruit.

Tomato plants grown in styrofoam

Therefore, if you plant in the garden, you should choose an area with large garden land, next to the wall or under the trees. If growing at home, it should be placed on the terrace, hallway or balcony.

Land for growing tomatoes 

Choosing organic, nutrient-rich, sun-dried soil to eliminate pests is the most appropriate. If there is no land in the garden, you can go to the bonsai shop to buy land.

For those of you who make your own soil, you can add rice husks and soil to help increase porosity. Adding rotted chicken manure or cow manure, organic manure will help loosen the soil. Before planting, the soil should be exposed to the sun for a few days to help limit pests.


How to grow tomatoes, like other plants, can be grown by seed, by fruit or by seedlings.

How to grow tomatoes from seeds

  • Step 1: After the soil is loose and rich in nutrients, put the tomatoes in the prepared nursery pots.
  • Step 2: Next, you sprinkle tomato seeds on the soil and water lightly until the soil is moist.
  • Step 3: Place the pot where there is enough light to shine on.

Seeds germinated after 2 weeks

  • Step 4: Wait for the seed to sprout and sprout leaves (after about 1 month, the seedlings will be complete). During this time, remember to pay attention to watering and misting so that the soil does not dry out, causing the sprouts to die or wilt.

How to grow tomatoes with seeds from fresh fruit

In addition, there is also a pretty good way that is currently being applied by growing from fresh tomatoes. You just need to choose 1-2 berry tomatoes, bright red, ripe old.

  • Step 1: Slice the tomato into thin slices with sufficient thickness
  • Step 2: Place these thinly sliced ​​tomato slices in the nursery pot (the loose soil is prepared like how to plant seeds).
  • Step 3: Add a small layer of soil on top of these tomato slices

Growing tomatoes from seed in fruit

  • Step 4: Mist the soil in the pot every day, after about 7-10 days, the seeds will germinate
  • Step 5: After about 1 month, take the plants to the garden or the Styrofoam containers to plant.

How to grow tomatoes from seedlings

For those of you who want to grow them right away, you can always buy seedlings from seedling stores.

  • Requirements: Seedlings must reach a full height of 10-25cm before planting in a new pot or new soil.


  • Step 1: Make the soil loose and drill a small hole and then put the plant in (apply on garden soil, foam box or pot). Each small hole is about 50-70cm apart.
  • Step 2: Put the tomato plant down, about 50% depth of the stem (1/2 stem. The lower body will grow more roots to make the plant stronger and can grow better.
  • Step 3: Water the soil with moist water.

Potted tomato seedlings

Note: If growing plants in pots or Styrofoam containers, the plants should be exposed to sunlight gradually, then continue to expose the plants to full sunlight for 6-8 hours/day. In addition, should perforate the pot or styrofoam container for the plant to drain, otherwise the plant will be waterlogged.



In the first 7-10 days, you should water regularly for tomatoes, depending on the planting area or planting area, you should water to moisten the soil, do not water too much because it will cause waterlogging. If growing in styrofoam containers, pots, you should water about 0.5l of water/day. After 10 days, increase the amount of water, should be watered in the morning or around 4-5 pm to dry the plants before dark.

Tomatoes are moisture-loving plants

Note: During the flowering and fruiting period, the amount of water should be increased to help the tree not wither and not cause the young fruit to fall. However, you should not over-water the tomatoes, which can cause pests and diseases to damage the roots, always make sure the soil is well-ventilated and not waterlogged.

If in the rainy season, a lot of rain will make the tomatoes less fruity and the fruit cracked, you can use rice water to water the plants every day, it will be very good.

Fertilize tomatoes 

Tomatoes need a lot of nutrients because they have many stems, leaves, and fruits, especially in the flowering and fruiting stage. You need to remember that tomatoes need fruit, not leaves, so if you want the plant to produce many fruits and berries, you need to focus on fertilizing when the plant begins the flowering stage.

Fertilize tomatoes

You’re better off applying dynamic organic fertilizer within about 2 weeks of fruiting. Please add about 1 tablespoon of dynamic per stump to help the tree grow fruit, so when buying fertilizer at the store, you should ask them for more advice.

Making a trellis, a stand for tomatoes

The tomato stem is very weak and fragile, so it is absolutely necessary to make a truss and a stand for the tomato. The time to build a truss is when the tomato plant is about 1.5-2 months old. The construction of trusses and supports can be made of wood, water pipes, bamboo or iron poles for support.

Making a trellis for potted tomatoes

The size and area of ​​​​the planting depends on the tomato variety you choose to grow. If you only plant in a small pot with small tomato varieties, you only need to use steel stakes to support the plants, but if you grow them in the garden, you need to set up wooden stakes and make a truss to form a support frame..

Pest control 

Tomatoes are very susceptible to pests and diseases, so they must be prevented early. Some common pests and diseases in tomatoes are:

  • Gray caterpillar: Common in newly planted seedlings, underground during the day, biting at night. Therefore, you should dry the soil thoroughly before planting to limit this pest.
  • Fruit borers: Usually lay eggs on leaves, when they hatch, they will chisel leaves and eat tomatoes. The best way is to spray insecticide.

Downy mildew disease

  • Late blight: A fungal disease that can attack at any stage of plant growth. It will cause gray, moldy spots on leaves and fruit that then turn brown. The disease is spread and supported by prolonged wet weather. It is best to remove infected plants.
  • In addition to the diseases mentioned above, tomatoes often have a number of other diseases such as leaf spot, leaf curl, fruit cracking… Therefore, if you encounter any unusual phenomenon, you should go to a plant protection drug store to buy it. completely destructive drug.


After about 2 months of planting, after the tomatoes turn from green to ripe red, you can harvest them right away. Tomatoes ripen very quickly so you should harvest early, you can harvest when tomatoes are 1 part green and 2 parts ripe. However, when the tomatoes are ripe, red is the most nutritious.

Harvest tomatoes


Basically all types of tomatoes have the same way of growing, but some types will have different notes.

Cherry tomato

Scientifically known as Lycopersicum esculentum Miller, this is a tomato with small, red berry-like fruit, sweet and fragrant fruit, suitable for eating raw or mixed in salads.

Cherry tomato plants can be grown in small pots, produce many fruits, look very beautiful, can be grown to decorate your home.

Dwarf cherry tomato plant pot

Note that when harvesting, you must choose ripe red fruits, do not harvest green fruits, eating raw will not be delicious and easy to be poisoned.

Tomato climbing truss (octopus)

This is an emerging tomato variety on the market, the tree grows on a truss, produces many fruits, looks very beautiful.

Climbing tomato, also known as octopus tomato

How to grow climbing tomatoes, you need to pay more attention to the soil and the vines. This is a climbing plant, grows strongly, loves the sun, so it needs a lot of soil. Can be planted in a large styrofoam container, made of a steel trellis for the best growth.

Tomato string of pearls

This is a tomato variety that produces fruit in a chain that looks very beautiful, the feature of this tomato is that it has a long growth time, takes 1-1.5 years, for a very large harvest that can be up to 10kg/plant. Each tree can produce 20-40 fruits.

The jade string tomato is very beautiful

Note that when planting jade string tomatoes, you need to make a climbing pole or a high support for the tree to produce bananas. Can be planted on the balcony of the house for decoration.

After 3 months of planting, the tree begins to flower and produce fruit continuously.

Chocolate cherry tomatoes

The characteristic of this plant is that it is very expensive, and rare, this is a tomato variety with small fruit like cherry tomatoes, with a chocolate brown color that looks very eye-catching. How to grow similar with cherry tomatoes

Chocolate tomatoes

Woody tomato

This is a giant tomato with a woody body, big tree, strong growth, need good nutrition and large area.

Giant woody tomato needs a large area

The tree is suitable for growing in the home garden, can be up to 5m high, this type of tomato grows very little in Vietnam. Planting distance of woody tomatoes is up to 3-5m.

Above is how to grow tomatoes, hope to bring you really useful information.


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