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Instructions on how to grow zucchini – an extremely delicious and nutritious fruit in the squash family:

Zucchini (also known as zucchini) is an extremely close and dear fruit in the squash family, appearing in everyday meals, right? Zucchini is not only delicious, nutritious, easy to combine with other ingredients, but also very easy to grow, very easy to grow. The girls can be completely confident in this juicy squash right in the small garden or even on the terrace or a little spacious balcony, we can also be “harvested” zucchini. Zucchini contains many vitamins and trace minerals good for health . In addition, it also has the effect of supporting digestion, lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer, losing weight… This is also an ideal green plant with a fancy shape, easy to harvest to encourage children to start getting used to it. with garden work

Materials to prepare:

  • Pumpkin seeds: You can buy green or yellow squash seeds at seed stores.
  • Soil: Can use tribat soil or mixed soil mixed with rotting manure, vermicompost, rice husk, coir …
  • Pumpkin pots: Styrofoam containers or pots with a radius of 12-15cm, with holes for drainage at the bottom.

How to grow zucchini:

  • Step 1: Sowing zucchini seeds: Mix soil + nutrients (tribat soil) into a styrofoam container or pot…. Then water enough moisture. In a styrofoam container or pot with a radius of 12-15cm, sow 3-4 seeds, bury the seeds about 1.5cm deep. Then cover with soil and wait for the squash seeds to germinate. About 3-5 days after sowing, the seeds will germinate. Seedlings are about 15 days, then choose 1-2 healthy trees to plant, trim the bad ones.

  • Step 2: Fertilize the zucchini: The plant has 2 true leaves about 17 days, after the seed germinated, fertilize the root. Add fertilizer for fast growing plants when the tree is 22 days old. Then, every 16 days, apply organic fertilizer or rotten manure once to make the plants flower and bear fruit quickly. If the squash is 32 days old and has not yet flowered, it is necessary to add nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers dissolved in water, water evenly on the squash plants, the important part is the flower branch (5cm from the base).
  • Step 3: Water and take care of the zucchini: In the morning and in the afternoon, water the plants. It is necessary to water enough when the tree is flowering and fruiting because at this time the tree must provide enough water for the flower to make the fruit easy to set. Do not fertilize while squash is flowering. When the tree has set fruit, it is advisable to prune the male branches and flower branches so that the tree can focus on raising fruit.
  • Step 4: Harvest: Squash plants usually bear fruit after about 60 days of planting, you can harvest when the flowers at the top of the squash have dried and fallen, should not be left for too long, the fruit will be old and tasteless.

Có thể là hình ảnh về ngoài trời

Zucchini is a plant in the squash family with a simple and high nutritional value. With the way of growing zucchini that iunauan shared, you can completely involve your children to understand the meaning and encourage them in gardening tasks. Zucchini can be stir-fried with beef,  mushrooms or boiled, both delicious and easy to eat. Good luck everyone 🙂

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