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Few people would have guessed that the potato tuber is not only a food but also a great fertilizer, making it as easy to grow as a hand, after a short time it has grown lush and blossomed.

Buying roses to plant for a few days has already withered and died, using everything from fertilizers to root stimulants or asking experienced people to grow this plant to help, but it still doesn’t work. Therefore, many people gradually choose to buy flowers to arrange instead of taking care of a rose pot because they are afraid that it will die and waste money.

So have you ever known how to grow roses with potatoes? It sounds ridiculous, but it is the potato that is the key factor that makes growing roses so simple and fresher than ever. Potatoes provide moisture and nutrients, and when rotting, it turns into a convenient source of fertilizer.

How to grow roses with potatoes will definitely be a new secret for those who are new to gardening and want to save time and money.

1. Prepare

– 10 potatoes.

– 10 lush rose branches, about 18 to 20cm long, it is best to choose a new branch that grows about 1 year.

– Soil, pot, water, scissors, 1.5 liter plastic bottle.

– Root stimulants, cinnamon powder bought at stores specializing in selling plant drugs.

2. Implementation steps

Step 1: Prepare the soil for planting:

Put the soil in a small pot or dig a small hole in the corner of the garden. You can water a little more to keep the soil moist.

Step 2: Prepare the potatoes:

Use a screwdriver or chopstick tip to poke a small hole in the stem of each horizontal potato half so that the hole fits snugly against the rose branch.

Step 3: Cut the rose branches:

Trim off the leaves, thorns, or pink buds on the bottom half of the branch (or you can also prune all the top). Then, take a knife and cut a 45-degree diagonal line at the bottom of the base. Before planting, you should dip the root in root stimulant and cinnamon powder to protect the roots and avoid the invasion of bacteria. The rose branches that have just been cut must be planted immediately.

Step 4: Planting a tree:

Insert the persimmon branch into half of the potato so that it is firm and gentle so that the root is not crushed. Then, you put the rose branch that has been planted on this potato into the pot of soil, till the soil is so exposed that part of the point where the branch comes into contact with the potato is on the surface of the soil.

Step 5: Make a greenhouse for plants:

Take 1 large plastic bottle (1.5 liter bottle), cut off the bottom of the bottle and part of the neck, keeping only 2/3 of the bottle as the widest body area. Gently thread the bottle through the stem of the rose stem so as not to break the flower’s leaves. Plug one end of the bottle mouth into the ground. This mini greenhouse will help keep the plants moist.

Step 6: Care:

Put the potted plant in a shady place, water a sufficient amount of water every day to moisten the soil. During care, do not touch the branches so that the roots are stable. After about a week, when the roots are strong, you can remove the mini greenhouse and plant it in a larger pot or in the garden.

Some pictures of the flower garden after it was lush and blooming:

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