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The characteristic of tomato plants is that it needs a lot of warm sunlight but also likes moisture. Therefore, the most suitable time for planting is the early crop (Sowing in July – August, planting August – September, harvesting at the end of October – December), the main crop (Sowing from mid-September to the end of October). planting in November to harvest in February – March, and the late crop (sowing in November, planting in December and harvesting in March – April).

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You can use styrofoam boxes, cement bags, coir, sacks, pots, trays or bare ground to grow tomato plants. Note: The bottom of the tray is perforated for drainage.

Tomatoes are sun-loving plants, so you need to place your growing tools in a place with full sun, at least 6-7 hours/day.

If planted from seeds, the time to fruit trees is about 3 months. You can buy seeds from the store or get them from ripe berries, dry them, and sow them in the ground. If you grow from seedlings, the time will be shortened by 2 weeks.

Tomatoes can be grown on many different types of soil, but you should refer to organic soils that are both clean and full of nutrients for potted plants. Tomatoes require soil that is rich in organic nutrients. The simple way is to mix soil and rice husks with composted fish or chicken manure (there are organic fertilizers that use that). If you can’t make your own organic green manure at home, you can buy it from the store.

How to plant:

Sow tomato seeds in potting soil or plastic trays. Water and maintain soil moisture. When the plant sprouts (from 7-14 days), you should bring it to a location with lots of light.

When the seedlings are 10-20cm tall, they are planted in the prepared soil position. Young plants must be planted 50-75% deep into the ground from the height of the trunk. Within the first 10 minutes after planting, water the plant with about 4 liters of warm water at 25-30 degrees Celsius to help the plant not be shocked with the new environment.

The ideal distance between each tomato plant is between 40-90cm.

Because the trunk is soft, when the tree is about 20 cm high, the gardener needs to make a perch or a stake.

In the first stage, the plant develops leaves and flowers very quickly. However, some plants have a lot of flowers but do not see fruit.

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If this is the case, you can apply the following tips:

– Place the plant in a sunny place, regularly water with moderate humidity.

– Fertilize pre-processed chickens (sold at plant stores).

– In the early morning, shake the branches gently so that the flowers can pollinate. Usually when growing tomatoes in a large garden, this pollination will be by animals or wind to help pollinate the plant. However, when growing on a balcony in the city, shaking the tree is extremely necessary for tomatoes to bear many fruits. This will be more obvious when you harvest the fruitful tomato branches.

– When the tree starts to have small fruit, you should prune the surrounding leaves to make it easier for the fruit to grow.

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