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My Hien’s 80 m2 terrace, which has been abandoned for many years, has become a vegetable garden thanks to 100 old plastic cans and helps the family no longer have to buy vegetables at the market.

From the beginning of 2020, because of the Covid-19 epidemic, she had to limit going out, so Huynh Thi My Hien, 35 years old, director of a cosmetic company in Can Tho, planned to build a vegetable garden on her family’s 80m2 rooftop terrace. family. Seeing that the family’s plastic cans had been stored for many years but were not used, the woman came up with the idea of ​​​​using them instead of using foam boxes or cement pots like some people did.

“I see many people growing in 5 liter plastic bottles but vegetables are still green, so I believe that my 30 liter plastic cans will also grow. Plastic cans are light, compact, and durable,” the female director shared.

The plastic cans were cut on one side by Hien, drilled holes and placed on bricks to drain water. She used straw to cover the ground to keep moisture.

“From the beginning, my husband installed an automatic watering system for me, but because I think each type has a different need for water, I do most of the watering myself. Only when the whole family goes out, there is no one new. using an automated system,” she said.

In order to grow good green vegetables, Hien’s secret is to mix the soil that her family sent up from her hometown with bagasse manure. Mainly growing short-term vegetables, Hien does not add fertilizer. Kinds like cabbage, squash, melon… she fertilizes with banana juice, and at the same time makes more time for climbing plants.

In addition to the large cans placed on the ground, Ms. Hien also made more hanging racks, using plastic bottles in the house to grow more vegetables or salads.


Every morning, after returning from exercise, Hien goes to the vegetable garden to harvest and water. Due to the busy nature of her work, her garden care focuses mainly at night.


Although I just started growing vegetables at the beginning of the year, each type only planted a few roots to gain experience, but each type is very wrong.

The owner of the garden said that she likes to grow cabbage most because they look like blue roses. Each seedling she buys is only about 500 VND, a crop of more than a dozen trees, after 3 months, is harvested.

“My family’s favorite dish is boiled cabbage. Hand-grown, so when I eat it, it feels very sweet, more than some kind sold in the market. In the past, when I returned to my hometown, my mother gave me vegetables to eat, but now I give it to my mother,” she said. Hien laughed.

At first, this woman only intended to “plant for fun”, she hoped to provide enough clean vegetables for her three young children, but seeing that the plants were growing well, she tried to plant more varieties whenever she saw an empty space. In addition to vegetables and squash, a few months ago, Hien tried to sow corn seeds.

After going online to learn techniques and ask for more experience from her father, Hien did not expect a bumper corn crop.

The first corn crop after more than two months of waiting, Ms. Hien obtained more than 100 fruits for regular seeds. After harvesting, she boiled it and then invited her friends and neighbors to drink coffee and enjoy the corn grown in her plastic can.

“I’m a farmer, but I didn’t know what to grow when I was a child. Since the day I had a garden, I could do anything. Thinking I could only do business and trade, everyone was surprised when I gardened. Thanks to the garden. but my children know many new things about trees, appreciate the labor, appreciate the efforts of the farmers…”, Ms. Hien said.


Seeing that their daughter has grown well, her parents and neighbors in the countryside, even though they have been off farming for many years, now “imitate” to grow clean vegetables, they do not use as much chemical fertilizers or pesticides as before. Seeing that the bananas were overripe, Hien asked her mother to make banana juice to fertilize the plants.

“Every time I call my parents, they say ‘the neighbors who praise you for being good keep reminding me. I didn’t expect gardening to have so many benefits. Having clean food and helping my spiritual life at the same time, much happier”, shared Ms. My Hien.


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