Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

 After more than a month, the land full of garbage was turned into a garden by Ms. Pham Huyen with dozens of vegetables, the family could not eat.

The garden of 280 m2 between the high-rise buildings near the bus station  is the result of more than a month of the family of Ms. Pham Huyen, working in the business.


This area was previously an empty lot, full of garbage, Huyen and her husband bought it late last year with the desire to make a garden for their children close to nature. The garden is only 30 meters away from their house, so it is convenient to take care of.

Last month, having to cancel a long trip due to the epidemic, Huyen’s family started gardening.

With the concept that “good soil is good for trees”, Ms. Huyen learned how to make soil in groups of plants and consulted with her brother who has experience in gardening. On 18-10, after “spending quite a bit of money on cleaning up garbage”, they sprinkled lime to treat the soil, then mixed a mixture of soil and meat, compost of cinnamon, coir, rice husks… and then planted trees.

18-10 is also seed incubation day. At first, with no experience, Huyen and her husband nursed the seeds in a plastic cup, then they were advised to use banana leaves to protect the environment, so they changed immediately.

Huyen was the one who came up with the ideas and her husband, nicknamed “the farmer”, was responsible for realizing those ideas. He did not hire outside workers, but built wooden crates, nursed seeds, planted trees, dig aquariums and built houses on stilts… In a month, the “farmer” lost 7 kg because “continuously working in the sun and wind” .

Day and day, the couple went to the garden early and stayed until evening, sometimes even into the night. They sometimes encounter the shakes of the passersby’s head, saying “vegetables can’t stand up to this land, then the design is complicated, I don’t know what to do”.

Gradually, the garden sprouted green sprouts. On 20-11, Huyen’s family harvested the first batch of vegetables, including collard greens, morning glory, and spinach. “Vegetables are grown by themselves, picked and eaten immediately, so they are very sweet,” the gardener excitedly shared.

After 41 days of dedication, the garden of Ms. Huyen’s family is now completed.

The garden includes dozens of vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy, broccoli, jute, amaranth, spinach, water spinach, lettuce…, without using pesticides or stimulants, so it is clean. will. The whole family could not eat, Huyen had to give away some neighbors.

Besides that, there are bitter melons and syrupy trees that bear fruit.

In the garden, Huyen and her husband also build a house on stilts. On the dome leading to the house on stilts, the owner grows grapes, melons, melons, and gourds. Under it were strawberries, zucchini and flowers.

The house on stilts is tucked away in a corner of the garden, below there is an aquarium. Both the house on stilts and the aquarium were completed in five days.

In the house on stilts, homeowners can stand short in the aquarium below, flowers above, vegetables outside and listen to birdsong.

Not only adults, Huyen’s two children also love the garden so much that “a day they ask for a dozen times”. The children help their parents with the harvest and watering.

Despite losing her trip, Huyen still has time to connect with her family through the garden. This is also the place to connect the whole family and bring them positivity.

“Be optimistic and work positively in all circumstances, cherish the moments spent with your family during this difficult time,” Ms. Huyen reminded.


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