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Red radish is a cruciferous variety, easy to grow, has a short growing time (only 23-35 days), is a suitable vegetable for beginners to garden. In addition, red radish is also very nutritious, rich in vitamins, can be used to make stews, salads, cook powder for children and many other delicious dishes. Red radish is a plant that can be grown all year round, has beautiful colors, does not need too much soil, can be grown in pots and small tubs. Growing red beets at home has both clean vegetables and can decorate the house with more colors and greener living space.

Step 1: Prepare the tray, soil and seeds
– Smaller plastic pots or Styrofoam containers with two coca cola drinks can also be grown;

– Red radish seeds.

– Watering can.

– Soil: fertile, rich in nutrients and well drained.

Prepare the tray, soil and seeds to plant red radish

Prepare the tray, soil and seeds for the red radish.

Step 2: Sowing seeds
For fast germination, you can soak the seeds in warm water for about 3-5 hours. Place a layer of cotton wool on the bottom of a small bowl, water to moisten and spread seeds over the cotton layer. Then cover another layer of cotton wool on top, moisten. Wait until the seeds appear small cracks, then start planting in the ground.

grow red radish

Sow red radish seeds.

For those who are new to growing vegetables, not familiar with pulling out seedlings grown in trays/nursery jars into large pots, it is best to sow the seeds in a large styrofoam pot/box, sow the seeds under a thin layer of soil about 1cm, The sowing distance between seeds is about 5-10 cm. You can sow 2 seeds/hole.

grow red radish

Sow the red radish seeds in the tray.

Step 3: Take care of plants
– Need to water regularly 1-2 times/day depending on the weather; Make sure the soil is always moist so that the seeds have good conditions to germinate.

– After about a week, the plant will sprout and produce leaves

Red radish is a very moisture-loving plant. Therefore, you need to ensure enough light for the plant and regular watering.

– Pay attention not to water the soil too wet, it will cause root rot.

grow red radish

Step 4: Pest control
Red radish is very attractive to aphids, destructive jumping bugs, need to check daily, detect pests early to find methods of eradication.

It is possible to use insect-preventing herbs to prevent diseases and prune diseased plants to avoid spreading to other plants.

Do not apply fertilizer (chemical) too thick, the plant is easy to rot.

Step 5: Harvest
When the plant is about 20 days old, you can prune the weak seedlings, absolutely do not uproot and replant because the tree will not swell.

When the plant is about 1 month old, you can harvest it.

Should not be late to harvest because radish will be fibrous, no longer rich in vitamins.


Why do plants not produce tubers?
Many of you have a problem: planting exactly as the steps above but no tubers. The problem is that a plant that lacks nutrients cannot grow into a tuber.

Therefore, you should use more organic fertilizers such as vermicompost mixed with soil in a ratio of 70:30 soil and manure so that the plants are provided with nutrients to grow.

I wish you success!

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