Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Stemming from the need to use clean food, urban people “fever” with the model of a mini indoor vegetable garden. If in the past, the terrace, balcony, and yard were used to grow “luxury” ornamental plants, then that space is now devoted to growing vegetables – beautiful and safe.

A clean vegetable garden on the terrace not only helps the family have a source of clean vegetables but also entertains and relaxes…

Plastic pots for growing leafy vegetables, and Styrofoam boxes for growing vegetables that require a lot of land such as melons, cucumbers, gourds, squash…

Growing vegetables is both economical and helps shade the whole house

Growing clean vegetables at home is becoming a need and hobby of many families in urban areas when the requirements for food hygiene and safety are increasingly urgent.

Styrofoam boxes do not punch holes in the bottom of the box, but only around. Oblique holes from the top for ventilation and no soil drift

The service of growing clean vegetables on the terrace is blooming in urban areas

In addition to growing vegetables, many people also intercrop flowers to create a lovely garden

Many families use trusses to place vegetable pots to save space

The top is a rig of squash, melons, and cents…, and the bottom is vegetables and fruit trees

Mini vegetable gardens are often grown seasonally

For example, spring – summer grow spinach, melon, green beans, dragon beans…

When the weather turns to autumn – winter, we plant lettuce, lettuce, vegetables… because they grow very fast

Water spinach can be grown all year round

Large areas can grow many large vegetables such as cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower…

On a smaller area, grow vegetables, amaranth, jute… and some spices and herbs such as ginger, perilla, marjoram, basil, chili…

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